Capturing Love at Sunrise: Kelsey & Tom's Magical Engagement Session in Old San Juan

Imagine cobblestone streets whispering secrets, colorful facades bursting with life, and a love story unfolding under the warm Caribbean sun. That's what December was like for Kelsey and Tom, a charming couple from New Hampshire. They ventured to the magical island of Puerto Rico, their hearts brimming with excitement and a desire to capture their love amidst the historic charm of Old San Juan.

It all began in November when they reached out to Gary Rosado Photography. Together, they planned a dream engagement session – a celebration of their love against the backdrop of this enchanting city.

Before capturing their love in timeless photographs, we connected with Kelsey and Tom. Their laughter filled the air, echoing against the colorful walls, as their stories intertwined with the rich tapestry of Old San Juan's past. The sparkle in their eyes and the warmth of their smiles told a story of a love that shone brighter than any sunbeam.

As we bid farewell to the cobblestone streets and pastel facades, we knew that their engagement session was not just a celebration of love, but a testament to the enduring magic of Old San Juan.